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Dialogue In the Dark (DID)

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I went to DID yesterday. So many things I want to share about the interesting and inspiring exhibition,  maybe I can make my DID tour into a series. 😀

First, a little bit background about DID and DID HK.

Dialogue In the Dark (DID) is a is an awareness raising exhibition. It is a social franchising company, offering exhibitions and business training in total darkness, creating jobs for the blind, disabled and disadvantaged worldwide.

First opened in 1988 and then spread worldwide, DID has been presented in 150 cities. In 2008, DID HK was founded. 

It is said over six million visitors from more than 25 countries have experienced Dialogue in the Dark, giving over 6,000 blind people jobs.

DID HK was founded in 2008, it’s mission is to bridge the gap between disabled groups and the rest of society, to create jobs for the visually impaired, to raise awareness and tolerance in society towards disadvantaged groups.

This is my tour guide Daniel, he lost his sight two years ago and became almost completely blind twelve weeks ago because of brain tumor, which hurt his optical nerve which could not be repaired. Now he could only sense lights.

What he could do, is to cross finger and hope for the future, hope for the day that bio/chemical medicine could cure his “sorrow”.

Tour guide in DID is his first job after he lost all his vision, he used to be an  area manager of cellphone outlet in Hong Kong.

After his vision loss, he never find an opportunity to work, until he joined DID.

He said it is hard for blind people to find a job in oriental region, like HK and Taiwan, even for those with good education. Some fresh graduate even can’t find a way to access job market and get an interview.

“Not all of , but many of employers set up their minds to assume you can not do anything without your vision. Their mind is very hard  to ‘break’.”

As acquired blindness late in Daniel’s life other than inborn, Daniel said even he thought it is impossible to walk in the street with a stick.

Will people help me? How can I use a computer?How can I cook? How can I manage my daily work? These are questions full of his head at first. “Actually, there are skills and facilities to help blind people out.” He added.

“First I don’t understand, than I assume this is impossible. This is the fault people who have never tried how it feels to be in a totally dark world.

DID is a platform for visually impaired, but also the normal people, let them know more about our life.”

Daniel has young and nice voice, but he is actually over 40. He said age is never the barrier to make friends and he wants to “keep his mind younger” which makes him feel rejuvenated.


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November 25, 2010 at 7:53 am

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