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Earn A Living in Hong Kong?

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 There are more than 120,000 visually impaired people in Hong Kong, only 8,000 of them could successfully get a job. Also, Their salaries are lower than ordinary employees.

[Charts, job occupations and salary level of visually impaired people in HK, source: statistics. gov. hk]

What is the reason of it? Dose it mean Hong Kong is not user-friendly to the VI people?

Do we have an open heart?







[From left: Daniel and his three daughters, which all  in soundslides]

        [Soundslides: working day of Daniel’s , the blind guide of Dialogue In the Dark.]

An Equal job Market?

         Text: 1. interview with Daniel and telephone interview with Mr. Chanyau Choung

                     2. Employment experience of Mr. Lee, a blind senior citizen of HK

                                             [Graph and audio]

Live on welfare?

      Text: analysis HK’s welfare system and Interview with Danny Chan, Chief of Employment Department of HKSB    (Hong Kong  Society of Blind)

                                        [Graph and audio]

[Map: point out all mentioned organizations’ location in HK]


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November 25, 2010 at 11:44 am

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